Where are you starting from in your soil health journey?  How will you know if you are regenerating life in the soil?  Microscopic analysis of soil biology offers you a robust method to monitor your progress and direct insight into your soil’s ability to:


Soil microbial life is key to all of these processes. So let's get to measuring it!

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Once you know “who” is home in your soil, we can help to re-inoculate any missing groups of organisms that are beneficial to plant growth.  Using microscopically verified craft composts, compost extracts and compost teas, we can regenerate below-ground diversity and restore the soil microbiome by nurturing microbiology that is indigenous to your bioregion.

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Something incredible happens when you align with your purpose and passion… and microbes are our passion!  Join us as we share knowledge about the microscopic life beneath your feet and soil restoration methods in a way that is easy to understand, visual, and hands-on.



The proof is in the pudding, as they say…. well let’s make some pudding!  We give you the confidence, tools and resources to conduct your own on-farm, on-garden, or on-window sill trials to prove the benefits of mimicking nature and using a biological approach to growing.

what we do


If you are looking for an antidote to eco-grief and a simple way to align with natural processes, come join the regenerative movement and learn how to partner with soil microbes.  Whether you are a large or small scale producer, homesteader, gardener or windowsill grower, we share tools and principles to help you work with nature, not against it.  Your health, and the health of the eco-system around you, will thank you for it.